Do you require pre-payment?

If it is your first time placing an order with us and the total amount is no more than 3000 USD, no pre-payment is required. Otherwise, we will require a pre-payment that equals to 50% of the total amount of your order prior to providing the service.

For Precise Gene Editing Services, what do I need to provide?

1) Gene name

2) The mutation you want to generate or the sequence you want to delete or insert.

For Integrated Array Service, what do I need to provide?

1) Target plasmid

2) Report markers

3) Background strain on which you want to do microinjection.

How can I check my order status?

You are able to check the order status in our website ( 

What you need is to click the menu “Log in” on the front page and input “User name” and“Password”. For the first time login, please contact us for account details.

Once you get into the account, you can click “My Order” button to check the progress of all your orders. 

What if there are some problems with the strains? / What if I am not satisfied with the product?

For any problems of our strains, please don’t hesitate to contact us, our technicians will provide professional resolutions to the problem. We will try our best to provide satisfied products to you.

What if the strain were dead after delivery?

We will send the strain again if the client found the strain were dead after delivery. But if you didn’t report any problems within 15 days upon receipt of deliverables, we will consider that you have accepted the results.

How do I place an order?

To get a quote or place an order, you can

1) register and login your account, download and fill out the order form(s) of the service(s) you need, and email the form(s) to or

2) reach us at, we will send you the order forms.

Does the price listed in the pricing table include tax and shipping &handling fee?

No. The prices listed in the pricing table are service charges only. Tax/duties, shipping and handling fee are not included. When you proceed to purchase your order, sales tax and shipping & handling fee will be calculated on the total value and shipping charges, and displayed on the invoice we email to you.

Do I need to provide the plasmid when I place an order?

If you are requesting gene editing service(s), you do not need to provide the plasmid as we will make sgRNA plasmid and donor by ourselves. But if your knock-in sequence is specific and we don’t have the template, please send the template plasmid to us. If you are requesting B001 and B002 service, you can either send us the plasmid or request us to construct one (C001 Service) for you.

How do I verify the edited worms?

SunyBiotech will perform sequencing to the edited worms, and the sequencing area covers about 300bp on either side of the editing site. We will email you the sequencing report when we send the worms out to you.

What payment method does SunyBiotech accept?

We accept wire transfer only.

How does SunyBiotech deliver my package and how long does the delivery take?

We usually ship the packages out via FedEx which normally takes no more than 5 days to arrive.

How do I track my package?

We will email you the tracking number after we have shipped your package.

Will I be charged if SunyBiotech fails to generate the strains I requested?

We will not charge you if we fail to generate the strains. If you have made the pre-payment, we will return the pre-payment to you.

When will I make the residual payment?

Please make the payment within 7 days since you have received the package and verified that the engineered strains are workable.

Does allele you create bear your own allele nomenclature?

Worms we send out are with strain name and allele name labelled on the agar plates. We will also send the strain name and genotype to you in the sequence summary file. PHX is our strain designation and syb is our allele designation. Both PHX and syb are confirmed by the WormBase. Please use our allele name in your publications.

What do you provide if the gene editing results in lethal allele?

If the gene deletion is found non-homozygosable, the heterozygote is sequenced and becomes the deliverable. If you want balanced heterozygotes, please contact us to order the Balancer Cross Service.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to reach us at Our customer service and editing experts will get back to you ASAP.
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