Traditional Transgenic Services

Traditional Transgenic Services:

Traditional transgenic service will be performed by microinjection of the DNA mixture into C. elegans gonads to generate extrachromosomal transgenic arrays that contain high copy numbers of the injected DNA constructs (Figure 1).

When animals carrying extrachromosomal transgenic arrays are exposed to X ray, γ ray or ultraviolet (UV) irradiation, chromosome breaks are induced, and during the process of DNA repair, the extrachromosomal transgenic arrays will be inserted into the chromosomes to form integrated transgenic arrays.

   Procedures and Price of Services:

Table.1    Procedure of traditional transgenic service
Extrachromosomal arraysSample    preparationPlasmids of interest and co-injection markerHigh quality plasmids prepared by Qiagen Mini Plasmid Kit14-21    days
MicroinjectionThe nematode strain designated10-30 adults injected
ScreenF2 progeny of injected wormsF2 animals with stable extrachromosomal arrays
Integrated transgene arraysγ ray irradiationAnimals with stable extrachromosomal arrays 35-42    days
ScreenF3-F5 progeny after irradiationIntegrated lines
DeliveryIntegrated    transgenic linesEvery progeny should carry the integrated transgene based on the co-injection marker
Table.2    Price of traditional transgenic service
PIDTraditional transgenic nematodesTurnaround(weeks)Price(US$)/Strain
B001Extra-chromosomal array2-3$299(1st)*/$158(2nd)/$108(3rd)
B002Integrated transgenic array8-10$799(1st)*/$359(2nd)/$258(3rd)
 *:1st, 2nd, 3rd means 1st, 2nd or 3rd parallel lines obtained in one injection, irradiation or gene editing.
**: Please contact us for quote if the random/precise sequence deletion is larger than 1500bp

   Transgenic strains with extrachromosomal arrays or integrated transgenic arrays containing constructs of interest.

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