SunyBiotech attended the BAWM(Bay Area Worm Meeting)in California

2019-06-05 15:13

Sunybiotech was invited to attend BAWM(Bay Area Worm Meeting) 2019, which was held on Saturday April 27th in Sibley Auditorium at University of California, Berkeley.



The BAWM, which has been hosted every year at rotating local university campuses, has become the primary venue for the C. elegans scientific community in the San Francisco bay area to gather, share ideas, and present new scientific findings on diverse aspects of C. elegans biology. The meeting included, but was not limit to: i) Neuronal Circuits and Behavior, ii) Aging, Stress and Metabolism, iii) Germline Biology and Development, and iv) Transcriptional and Post-transcriptional control.


By becoming an event sponsor, Sunybiotech gained a valuable opportunity to connect with the approximately 200 attendees and to support the groundbreaking research of the faculty, postdoctoral scholars, and graduate students from the bay area C. elegans labs. The meeting also served as a bridge between companies and scientists to improve mutual understanding and promote the friendly relationship.


SunyBiotech has provided high quality and professional gene editing services to over 200 research institutes all over the world, and will continue to do so to promote biomedical research and drug discoveries to benefit mankind and science.