Why Choose SunyBiotech
Why Choose SunyBiotech
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Why choose SunyBiotech?

Help you save time and resources!

High-quality: More than 1000 transgenic lines were delivered with a success rate of 99.6%

Speedy:          Average turnaround time 56 days

             URGENT service available

Reliable:         No service charge if the editing fails

                        Edited strains cryopreserved for future needs

Flexible:          A wide range of reasonable prices based on specified inserted/ deleted sequence size

How it works

Placing an order is easy!

Step 1Send your order request to: service@sunybiotech.com. (We will take care of your needs from that moment).

No more steps…

Let us Know

Not sure what you need or where to begin?

Reach us at service@sunybiotech.com. Our editing experts and customer service manager are happy to answer all your questions.